General terms and conditions of sale


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions is to define the conditions applicable to contracts for the provision of transport services concluded between RÉSAFLASH VTC and its Clients.
By using the services of RÉSAFLASH VTC, the Customer is presumed to have read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which establish a contractual relationship between RÉSAFLASH VTC and its Customer. If you do not accept these conditions, you may not access or use the RÉSAFLASH VTC services.
RÉSAFLASH VTC reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time, regardless of the cause or reason.


Any reservation made with RÉSAFLASH VTC, whether on the website – by telephone – by SMS or by e-mail, implies unreserved acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale.

2.1. Formulation by the Client of his request for a service

The Customer may make a request for a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week :

. on the website

. by telephone on (Monday to Sunday).

2.2 Content of the service request.

The client provides all the information concerning his request for service. He/she is solely responsible for this information, the following of which are considered essential to the contract: date of the transport service, pick-up location, drop-off location, pick-up time, number of passengers (adult/child), number of luggage, nature of the service.

The Client must mention at this stage any additional request in the comment field, such as a baby seat, etc.

2.3. Determination of the price by RÉSAFLASH VTC 

RÉSAFLASH VTC shall set the price of the service in accordance with the information provided by the Customer, in accordance with the tariff in force on the day on which the transport services are provided.

This price is expressed in Euros and includes all taxes. It is firm and definitive.

2.4. Creation of a Customer account and payment of the price.

The ordering process allows the Customer to receive, read and check the details of his request for a service, as well as the indicative price to be paid for the service ordered. From the moment the Client validates his order, the order is said to be firm and definitive, the price is accepted and paid.

It is forbidden for the same client to create several accounts in order to take advantage of a promotion (promotional code, etc.).

Payment of the price is made by credit card via a secure electronic payment system. By communicating his/her bank details, the Customer accepts in advance and without conditions that RÉSAFLASH VTC may proceed with the secure transaction and authorises its bank in advance to debit his/her account for the amount of the service.

RÉSAFLASH VTC undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of all personal data communicated by the Customer, as well as the security of the data transmitted on the Platform. Data relating to the credit card is not kept by RÉSAFLASH VTC after payment.

2.5. Issuance by RÉSAFLASH VTC of a booking voucher.

After confirmation by the Customer of his request for a service and payment of the price, RÉSAFLASH VTC shall send him, in return, exclusively by e-mail, a reservation form summarising the information relating to the service.

The Client shall be responsible for verifying the information contained in the reservation form.

If RÉSAFLASH VTC is unable to send the aforementioned reservation form by e-mail, the reservation shall be deemed to be in accordance with the Customer’s request.


Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the pick-up time. All reservations must be made via the website, email, telephone call or SMS. Each reservation must include the client’s name, email address, telephone number, departure and arrival address, date and time of the service as well as the number of passengers and the number of luggage. An e-mail or SMS confirmation will be sent to you to validate your reservation. If the e-mail or SMS confirmation has not been sent to you, this means that your reservation has not been taken into account.


RÉSAFLASH VTC reserves the right to charge 100% of the reservation if it has not been cancelled within 48 hours prior to pick-up.

4.1 Cancellation by the Client before the pick-up time

If the Customer cancels the reservation before the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form, the conditions for reimbursement are as follows 

– for airport shuttles: 100% refund if the cancellation occurs more than 2 working days before the date of transport; 0% in other cases.

– for other journeys: 100% refund if the cancellation occurs at least 2 days before the date of transport; 50% refund if the cancellation occurs the day before the transport; 0% in other cases.

4.2 Cancellation by the Client after the pick-up time 

If the cancellation of the reservation by the Client occurs after the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form, the conditions for reimbursement are : 

No refund will be made. The service shall be deemed to have been cancelled by the Customer if he/she has not informed RÉSAFLASH VTC of his/her delay within half an hour of the pick-up time.

4.3 In case of immediate cancellation

If the cancellation occurs within 5 minutes of RÉSAFLASH VTC sending the reservation form, the service will be reimbursed at 100% within 7 days.


Accepted payments: Credit card, for example: Carte Bleue – Visa – Eurocard – Mastercard.


The service is provided on the day and at the time specified at the time of booking, the drivers are punctual, except in cases of force majeure (accident, traffic difficulties etc…). 

In case of delay of the customer (delay of plane) the first 60 minutes are included in the invoiced price, then 15 € by tranche of 30 minutes, and for any other reservation the first 15 minutes are included in the invoiced price then 15 € by tranche of 30 minutes. 


The weight of the luggage is limited to 25 kg per passenger, the seller or the driver reserves the right to refuse the luggage in the weight, dimensions or nature do not correspond to what had been agreed with the customer, as well as what he considers prejudicial to the safety of transport.

The passenger’s luggage remains under his entire responsibility as well as any fragile objects that may be present inside the luggage. The luggage must not present any risk of damage to the vehicle. Any damage to the vehicle will be charged to the customer.

End of transport:

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that no items have been left in the vehicle. The transporter declines all responsibility in case of damage or theft of anything left in the vehicle.

RÉSAFLASH VTC is not responsible for any objects left in the vehicle by passengers during the service. The company declines all responsibility for the transport of hand luggage as well.


The price of the transfers is calculated per kilometre travelled according to the routes obtained from software and applications such as Google Maps, Michelin, Mappy and the GPS of the vehicle used. Impassable roads and paths are excluded from the routes taken. For safety reasons, only the driver will be able to assess whether the route to be taken is practicable, and if so, he may refuse to take it.

A precise start and end address should be provided before the best route is calculated. The address information must be accurate and provided in the following form: street number, street name, full name of the municipality and postcode. The customer may provide a GPS coordinate point electronically or in writing; the seller shall not be liable for any errors. In the absence of a complete address, the furthest point of the commune, district or street communicated will be taken into account for the pricing.

Route changes

The customer will not be charged for changes to the route or detours resulting from unexpected events such as roadworks, bad weather, diversions, traffic jams or accidents. In general, in the event of an incident, the itinerary may be readjusted in real time at the initiative of the driver. These unforeseen events cannot constitute a reason for dispute or complaint.

Changes to the itinerary and detours made at the request of the customer are not authorised. However, the driver, in agreement with the vendor’s management, may agree to such a request if it does not affect the smooth running of the company, such as a delay in picking up the next customer etc. Any change of route or diversions requested by the customer will be subject to additional invoicing, the amount of which will be determined according to the distance and time spent.


The Client undertakes, for himself and for the passengers for whom he has contracted RÉSAFLASH VTC, to behave in accordance with the following provisions
– compliance with the rules of the Highway Code (wearing a seat belt, car seat, booster seat)
– no smoking and no transport of dangerous materials
– respect for the driver’s vehicle
– respect for other passengers who may share the vehicle and the driver with you (too personal questions, discretion in the use of the telephone, inappropriate language or gestures, discrimination, etc.)
– Failure to comply with these provisions shall render the Client and passengers exclusively liable to RÉSAFLASH VTC and to third parties. In the event of damage to the equipment or the vehicle attributable to the Client or the passengers accompanying him, the latter shall be held fully responsible and shall reimburse RÉSAFLASH VTC and/or the driver for the costs of restoring the vehicle or the damaged equipment.
RÉSAFLASH VTC reserves the right to refuse pick-up, to drop off a passenger who does not respect these obligations and to terminate the client’s account. 
The passenger is solely responsible for the objects and luggage in his/her care. RÉSAFLASH VTC shall not be held responsible for any luggage forgotten in the vehicle.


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale, like the service contract concluded between the Customer and RÉSAFLASH VTC, are subject to the rules of French law.
Any dispute arising therefrom, whether relating to their validity, interpretation or performance, even in the event of summary proceedings, a warranty claim or multiple defendants, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Montpellier.


RÉSAFLASH VTC collects your data via the website and by making reservation requests by email or telephone.
RÉSAFLASH VTC undertakes not to divulge your details to third parties, or for uses other than those of the communication system linked to the booking of your journeys. If you have ticked the acceptance box for our newsletters, we may send you commercial information about RÉSAFLASH VTC. All the information collected concerning your location, your IP address, your transaction data and your preferences are only used to facilitate the booking process.      
You therefore have the right to question, access and object on legitimate grounds to all the data concerning you. You may exercise these rights by contacting RÉSAFLASH VTC at 6, rue Tibidabo – 34000 Montpellier.

The Client may modify his account on the website at any time and terminate his user account with or without reason at any time by sending an email to  Upon receipt, the account will be permanently closed.



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